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ThermoTab: A New Temperature Screening Solution


A New Temperature Screening and Security Kiosk

Trying to prevent COVID-19 from breaking out in your business or office can be nerve-wracking. As mask restrictions and social distancing regulations begin lifting across the world, concerns about possible transmission are increasing. 

With public spaces opening up again, many workers are returning to the office, customers are crowding back into businesses, and business owners are trying to compromise between keeping their customers and staff safe while still giving everyone the freedom to move around as naturally as possible. 

Performing COVID tests and screenings can get expensive, takes time, and can feel invasive for those who regularly need to be screened. But by using new technology there are easier ways to detect possible signs of infection before they enter your business or office.

A New COVID-19 Screening Solution

ThermoTab, a new thermometer kiosk and tablet has been the answer for many businesses, offices, and medical centers to help prevent COVID-19 and other virulent diseases such as the flu from infecting their staff or customers. 

This automatic temperature checking tablet is minimal, non-invasive, and can take someone’s temperature in less than 2 seconds without the need of an attendant or touching a screen. Such ease of access means people can keep their distance to get their temperature checked and the tablet can stay sanitized to prevent possible cross transmission. 

Temperature screenings are a great solution to quickly determine if someone might be at risk for transmitting COVID-19. With this new technology, not only can temperatures be checked quickly and at a distance, but temperature data can be immediately logged to facilitate contact tracing. The ThermoTab can also be programmed to send out an alert both locally and to your administrator if someone is flagged for having a fever or not wearing a mask.

The ThermoTab also operates as a security system, recognizing authorized users and functioning as a checkpoint before someone enters a building by allowing entry access only to previously approved individuals. The security function can also be set to deny access to anyone with an elevated temperature. It’s advanced AI can even recognize if someone is wearing a mask, helping you to stay mask-compliant within your building, as well as having an option to take attendance of who enters by using facial recognition and HR software.

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How is it used? 

An individual will stand in front of ThermoTab while it’s advanced software and temperature screening technology does a quick scan to determine if there is an elevated temperature present and/or if the person is wearing a mask. After just 2 seconds or less all parameters are checked and entry is either allowed or denied. 

Since users stand far away from the tablet as it checks temperature, the risk of cross infection is significantly reduced. 

How does it work? 

Temperatures are detected by an advanced AI algorithm. This algorithm manages the calibration of temperature data, software optimization, and facial recognition for security check point data. 

Temperatures are accurately measured within a ±0.3° F range in less than 2 seconds, providing a speedy system that prevents people from having to wait to enter a building or area. 

ThermoTab stands apart as it can identify users quickly even if they are wearing a mask, hat, or glasses through its advanced facial database. As it works well in close proximities it is ideal for most indoor or closed space environments. 

When utilizing the security features on the ThermoTab, it will recognize approved users and can be programmed to communicate with certain locking systems within your building to allow door access, operating as a virtual door-man to keep your place of business safe while still allowing freedom of movement to those who need to enter. This can all be done on the included HR management system. This software allows you to add users, assign permissions for each ThermoTab, set schedules, and clock-in or clock-out simply by checking in with a ThermoTab unit. 

It supports WiFi connections and LAN, can record temperatures automatically and provide reports, upload up to date local data, and provides an option to have cloud storage, dashboard, and database management. With the provided online dashboard, you can check on the status of your employees or visitors from anywhere in the world that has an internet connection. All of the ThermoTab HR features are also available completely offline, so you can make sure that your privacy is in your hands.

ThermoTab has proven to be the perfect addition for businesses, offices, and medical buildings that are trying to keep a handle on COVID-19 while also allowing workers and customers to feel comfortable and protected. It pairs perfectly with our long-lasting and actively protecting One For All hand sanitizer. 

With just a simple temperature scan everyone who enters a building or public space can feel more secure about their safety and health, and COVID risks can be quickly identified and traced back to possible sources. 

To find out more, visit Minno’s ThermoTab page today and see if this incredible new tablet is the right fit for you! 

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