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Custom Rugged Tablets

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Spec your tech to create a custom rugged
tablet to meet your industry needs.

The perfect rugged tablet for you.

Picking Your Hardware

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Not sure what internal specs your industry project needs? Talk with our specialists to discover what hardware is best for you.

  • connetivity


    Virtually all devices have Wi-Fi connectivity (a dual-band antenna is critical for reliable connection). Many can also connect to a cellular network but require a carrier account. Connecting by Wi-Fi to a cell phone or other portable “hot spot” can be a cost-effective compromise.

  • battery life

    Battery Life

    Capacities from 4 to 12 hours (7-8 hours is typical), depending on battery size and quality, designed efficiency, and screen size. Batteries are heavy, so an extended life adds weight to a device. Replaceable & Hot-swap batteries keep your mobile tablet running 24/7 without the extra weight.

  • data and file storage

    Data and File Storage

    Minno tablets have built-in solid-state memory (SSD) for local, “on-device” storage. Another option is a micro SD card slot which enables extended, removable memory. We also offer cloud storage for increased security and cost-saving benefits.

  • processor speed

    Processor Speed

    Powerful processors (CPU and GPU) provide quick performance. Some tablets have processors equal to laptops. The better your processors, the more responsive your device will be.

  • screen size

    Screen Size

    Larger screens are more comfortable viewing movies, drawing, and data input. The most common tablet screen sizes are 8″ and 10″ inches.

  • operating system

    Operating System

    Options include Android or Windows, consumer, pro, or IoT (Internet of Things) versions. Windows IoT allows your company to lock the device to a specific application and provides extra control and security over its use.

  • ram


    RAM drives your tablet’s responsiveness, running its OS and switching between applications. Windows generally requires more RAM than Android.

  • screen resolution

    Screen Resolution

    HD screens are advised for fine detail or editing. Viewing movies and photos is best with a 10″ screen or larger in “full HD” (1,920 x 1,080 pixels). More pixels enable a higher resolution image.

  • accessories


    • Keyboard: A “2-in-1” device has a detachable keyboard that converts the tablet to a laptop for writing and data entry. When the keyboard is detached, the device reverts to the touch-screen function.
    • Stands: We offer wall mounts, floor stands, and desk mounts to make your device more visible and easier to access at all times.
    • Docking Station: Maximize productivity when the job brings you back to the office with a rugged tablet docking station. The tablet dock enables both static and mobile enterprise mobility applications. It is the ultimate tablet charging station solution – seamlessly changing between mounted interaction and mobile applications.

Why Buy Minno Rugged Tablets?

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    2-year warranty and replacement included with every purchase and provided from one of our US locations.

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    2-year customer service support is included with every purchase. Contact us at support@ruggedtablets.com.

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    Ordering in bulk? Minno can probably save you money and we can put your brand on our devices.

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    Minno makes every effort to ship products using recycled and biodegradable materials. We participate in e-recycling to prevent toxic and hazardous e-waste from entering landfills.


Testing & Certification

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Google Mobile Services

Google Mobile Services

Tested to ensure that all devices support Google applications and APIs that help support functionality across other devices.

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FCC Certification

FCC Certification

Certifies that the electromagnetic interference from the device is under limits approved by the Federal Communications Commission of the United States.

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CE Certification

CE Certification

Certifies that the device conforms with health, safety, and environmental protection standards for products sold within the European Economic Area.

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Ingress Protection

Ingress Protection

All devices meet the set ingress protection standards to protect against solids and liquids.

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Military Standard

Military Standard

Military field use tablets meet standards for dry threats, wet threats, impacts and drops, EMI/EMC, screen visibility and extreme temperatures.

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