Minno Tablet Testimonials

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What our clients say about us.


“It is with great pleasure to have the opportunity to recommend Minno as a Brand and Supplier bringing a high level of value to our end user customers.”

Arturo Molina Ostos,

Sales Manager – IBM Global Financing


“Minno’s design and supply chain allow TSD to assemble state of the art tablets and phones in Armenia. We’ve created manufacturing and IT jobs that also support our technology in schools and industry.”

Dr. Vahan Chakarian,

General Manager – Technology & Science Dynamics


“Many elements aligned in order to win the 2016 season’s championship, one being us using tablets by Minno that helped us gather rival stats, photos and video of the offensive and defensive fronts — all of which gave us valuable tactical advantages.”

Ernesto Alfaro,

Sales Manager – IBM Global Financing


“Being able to tailor the tablet to my specific needs made my job significantly easier and client meetings much more enjoyable and productive. Saving vital bank links in my browser allowed me to quickly address client issues, saving time and frustration, and my clients were impressed that I was using new technology to improve their experience. I would highly recommend Minno tablets to any business or organization looking for a user-friendly way to increase productivity.”

Bobby Boyes,

Client Relationships Manager – Bank of Santa Barbara


“The Minno tablet is fast, responsive and easy to use and offers access to applications that can be directly utilized for classroom work. The screen provides crystal-clear viewing and the controls are comfortable and user-friendly. The Minno tablet provides an affordable and technologically sophisticated classroom solution that will allow students to perform and compete in an academic world that has come to increasingly depend on the internet and electronic applications for student learning.”

Bernard E. Donner, M.Ed.

General Manager – Santa Barbara Academic Coaching LLC


“My classroom dynamic changed significantly this year with the addition of Minno tablets. The tablets allowed my students access to applications that assisted them in completing assignments, learning and reviewing material, and researching community service and job opportunities. The desktop was easily customizable and the high-quality screen was great for viewing images, reading, and keeping students engaged. Minno tablets integrated easily into my classroom and were a great benefit to the success and learning of my students.

James Bedard,

Special Education Teacher – Santa Barbara Unified School District

Featured Case Studies

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Our Partners Trust Us to Design and Build Mobile Solutions That Will Solve Their Challenges

Minno created a product that provides airlines with low-cost, high-impact innovations that create a new high-end in-flight experience for Alaska Airlines

Minno designed and manufactured a lightweight, 22-inch touch-screen that hosts Domino’s menu training platform

Minno developed a platform that creates memorable guest experiences while reducing costs and providing sustainable and environmentally friendly spaces.

Our Clients

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Our client list speaks for itself. Since our earliest days, we’ve represented everything from start-ups to multi-national companies with that same partnership approach and dedication at the core of every engagement.

  • Alaska Airlines is a client of Minno Tablet
  • Alsea is a client of Minno Tablet
  • Chili's is a client of Minno Tablet
  • Domino's is a client of Minno Tablet
  • Evolve Controls is a client of Minno Tablet
  • P.F. Chang's is a client of Minno Tablet
  • Spokane County is a client of Minno Tablet
  • Starbucks is a client of Minno Tablet
  • The United States Department of Veterans Affairs is a client of Minno Tablet