Rugged Tablets for Agriculture

The Growing Role of Rugged Tablets in Ranching and Agriculture


Rugged tablets have become critical tools for communication, plant management and data collection on farms and ranches of all sizes.

Mobile Innovation

Agriculture Rugged Tablets

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Farmers are quickly embracing the power that Minno rugged tablets offer them in the field. Tablets allow you to efficiently gather real-time information on crop conditions, harvesting status, and inventory, as well as improve safety and asset management. Minno tablets can be hand-held or mounted on tractors, ATVs, trucks, and combines. Minno tablets can run the latest ag and business applications to increase productivity, control drones, agribots, irrigation systems, and to track assets. Minno rugged devices are made for hard work, outdoors with large scratch-resistant, high illumination sunlight-readable screens for easy use day and night. Important features like accurate GPS, barcode, and RFID readers can be integrated to offer valuable inventory and tracking capabilities of crops, equipment, and personnel to enable unprecedented efficiency and cost savings in farming and ranching.

Minno has proven experience tackling technology challenges in agriculture.


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  • Farming with the use of RFID sensors is becoming essential for efficient management of large crops. Minno rugged tablets equipped with sensor readers can generate yield maps that help farmers collect relevant information for their crop production. RFID sensors can also be used to monitor disease in citrus trees, evaluate the quality of apples by monitoring ethylene, and can reduce theft by tracking product from the field through delivery to your customer. RFID scanners are also being deployed to identify and track ranch livestock.
  • Drone and satellite mapping can help assess and capture crop data, find damage to irrigation systems, and monitor water and fertilizer usage. Minno rugged tablets with GPS can improve planting precision and weed control.
  • Photographs and data captured by a rugged tablet can be accessed in real-time to improve all aspects of agricultural management.
  • IOT (Internet of Things) driven technology has significantly altered the agriculture industry with the use of “agribots” in farming. These automated systems perform tasks ranging from planting and watering to harvesting and sorting. The introduction of agribots minimizes the exposure of workers to chemicals and equipment, keeping farmers and field hands safer. Controlled by rugged Minno tablets connected to Wi-Fi and cell networks, tablets with cutting-edge technology make collecting real-time data easier and often leads to better decisions, cost reduction, and increased yields.
  • Modern farming has become a data driven occupation. Having a Minno rugged tablet with powerful processor allows you to run the latest apps useful for soil sampling, water control, climate analysis, crop health, field topography and much more.
  • Minno tablets have high-resolution cameras (front and rear facing) that can instantly relay clear photos of crop damage, or equipment, should questions or concerns arise.
  • The combination of cellular, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity allows you to instantly control equipment, such as fans, water curtains, and solenoid valves when you need, wherever you are.


Engineered tough for use in challenging environments

Agriculture Tablet Features

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  • Built to operate in extreme temperatures
  • Hardened to withstand vibration, drops, and shocks
  • Reliable, real-time connectivity by cellular, WiFi, and Bluetooth
  • Dustproof and waterproof
  • Windows and Android operating system options and the ability to download apps from respective app stores or load custom
  • programs
  • Reliable connectivity for real-time communication and data transfer
  • Swappable long-life batteries accommodate long hours in the field, travel, and demanding applications
  • High resolution and sunlight readable screens make it easy to work outdoors
  • High-definition cameras capture detail for remote assessment

Dependability & Warranty

Ranching and farming requires durable equipment that can reliably stand up to hard use, heat in your pick-up truck, dust, rain, and even the accidental submersion in an irrigation canal.

Minno rugged tablets are designed and built to be tough from the inside out. Each component is ruggedized and each device rigorously tested and certified to meet IP and Military Grade Spec standards. It’s quality you can count on to minimize downtime, improve communication, reduce paperwork and boost efficiency.

Minno’s 18-month replacement warranty is one of the strongest in the industry with product replacement in the event of a defect and live customer support provided from our offices in North America.

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