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Why Rugged Tablets are the Device for the 2020s

The concept of a go-anywhere, rugged computer tablet has captured the public’s imagination for over 70 years. They were written about by Isaac Asimov in the early 50’s, appeared conceptually in Star Trek in the mid 60’s and first became commercially available in the late 80’s. In 2010 when Apple launched the iPad, consumers jumped on its tablet and others in a big way. Sales exceed 250 million units within a couple of years. Well before consumer tablets were capturing headlines, rugged industrial tablets were getting the attention of businesses around the world. As consumer tablets got thinner and lighter, the rugged tablets were getting more robust and taking on features specific to industry. Today, sales of lightweight consumer tablets have plateaued, while rugged tablets have become essential to the digital transformation of business and to active consumers. Here are some of the leading trends driving the rise in rugged tablets:

Rugged tablet by Minno Tablets save paper and the planet

Environmentalism – Saving the Planet and The Bottom Line

The “paperless office” is a term coined in the late 1970s with the goal of eliminating most paper documents and reducing clutter, and costs for storage space, paper and ink. Environmentally, going paperless would reduce deforestation, and waste in landfills, both drivers of climate change. What began as well-intentioned initiatives, became operational imperatives when the global pandemic hit. A workforce armed with the right mobile devices, such as rugged tablets, was better equipped to work remotely and share data via the cloud. Even high-touch, in-person businesses like restaurants, saw the benefit of providing tablets to customers and wait-staff, instead of paper menus and order pads. Companies like Minno have jumped to the forefront of business demand by customizing tablets to meet industry-specific requirements and supporting the environmental challenge of creating a greener and more sustainable business.

Challenger W12 12inch rugged Windows tablet by Minno Tablet in the field, warehouse, logistics

Mobility – The Cutting Edge of Edge Computing

The concept of “edge computing” is about digitally empowering frontline workers by bringing tools, communication, and information to wherever they need it.  Edge computing is transforming business models and creating tremendous efficiency. As more businesses embrace digital transformation and remote work, demand is rising for rugged and secure devices that can perform in more extreme real-world conditions. Customized rugged tablets fill that need very well. Field-deployed devices need to both withstand and perform in conditions of real-world abuse. While protective cases offer slightly more protection, a true rugged tablet, like those built by Minno, is engineered from the inside out to tolerate drops and shocks and not break or dislodge internal components or shatter screen glass. They are designed to operate in extreme conditions – high and low temperatures, dust, and humidity.  Most models can even be fully submerged in water for long periods. Since they are designed to be used in the field, rugged tablets are equipped with sunlight-readable, high-resolution screens and swappable batteries for prolonged use. A truly rugged tablet delivers the power and communication you need, no matter where your business takes you.

Minno rugged tablets are perfect for the delivery, logistics, and freight industry

Speed of Service – I Need it Now!

These days, customer expectations have never been higher and patience is in short supply. Whether it’s a customer waiting on a deliverya patron at a restauranta patient in health careor a warehouse manager under pressure, the demands of business competition require answers at a moment’s notice. Having a well-equipped rugged tablet empowers users with access to answers whenever and wherever the need arises. A salesperson can check inventory in real time. A food server with a tablet can display specials and place orders right from the table. Doctors can view patient records at bedside, and order procedures, care, and prescriptions.  Delivery drivers can scan a package and know just how much room it will take up on the truck, while their dispatchers view their location and schedule deliveries. There was a time when a tablet in the field was a novelty … now it’s essential to business efficiency, competitive agility, and customer satisfaction.

Minno Tablet creates custom rugged tablets for large bulk orders

Customization- Tailored Solutions Make Tablets Superior

There are plenty of big computer manufacturers that sell one-size-fits-all tablets. Consumer tablet solutions tend to not only be expensive, but they often don’t contain the exact features you could use most.  That gap in the industry has made room for companies like Minno, which specializes in manufacturing custom-built tablets in bulk for industry. Need a barcode scanner or NFC? Minno integrates them. Looking for enhanced security features or a customized case? Minno has them. Want your tablet to operate on a cellular network as well as Wi-Fi? They do it. Components aren’t the only important elements to be customized. Branding devices provide professionalism and brand visibility throughout your business network. Minno can customize cases and boot-up screens with brand colors and logos to create a professional image and a brand experience for your customers.

Mew Minno Logo small

Minno stands for Mobile Innovation and Value

Minno is a privately held manufacturer of full-featured, high-performance rugged tablets (Android and Windows) and custom-designed or branded tablets for industry, education, and governments sold B2B in volume at prices well below retail brands. Minno rugged tablets are designed for high performance, durability, reliability, and versatility. Our tablets will change how your business operates and deliver value to customers by delivering productivity, efficiency, and business agility.