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Minno’s Journey Toward Environmental Responsibility

Minno is conscious of the urgency to improve environmental sustainability in an industry known for significant environmental challenges – raw material consumption, excessive packaging, disposal of hazardous and difficult to recycle materials, and rapid obsolescence (short life cycles).

Extended Product Life Cycle: Minno tablets defy the norm of rapid obsolescence in electronics. They are engineered to last significantly longer than consumer-grade tablets with a lifespan of 4-6 years rather than the typical 3-year lifespan of consumer devices. By designing devices with durability and longevity and repairing devices, we reduce replacement manufacturing and minimize environmental impact.

End-Of-Life Management: The disposal of electronic waste is an ever-growing problem. Minno participates actively in e-recycling programs, advocating for the proper disposal and recycling of e-waste to ensure that hazardous materials are responsibly managed. 

Tackling Recycling Challenges: Recycling electronics is neither simple nor cheap. It involves safely dismantling devices and salvaging rare materials. Minno accepts end-of-life tablet returns and we will arrange for e-recycling free of charge. 

Energy-Efficiency: Each generation of Minno tablets prioritizes power efficiency, minimizing their carbon footprint and increasing productivity.

Reduced Packaging and Biodegradable Packaging: Minno minimizes the quantity of packaging materials by bulk packing our products. Since our products are inherently rugged, we dispense with most of the protective padding and redundant packaging. We have also increased the biodegradable components of our packaging, fostering a more recycle-friendly ecosystem.

Minno will continue to improve our sustainability practices

Minno’s efforts in reducing waste and embracing recycling are pivotal aspects of our brand identity. By investing in Minno’s rugged tablets, industries can benefit from durable, energy-efficient, and eco-friendly devices that contribute to a greener planet.

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Minno stands for Mobile Innovation and Value

Minno is a privately held manufacturer of full-featured, high-performance rugged tablets (Android and Windows) and custom-designed or branded tablets for industry, education, and governments sold B2B in volume at prices well below retail brands. Minno rugged tablets are designed for high performance, durability, reliability, and versatility. Our tablets will change how your business operates and deliver value to customers by delivering productivity, efficiency, and business agility.