Rugged Tablets for Forklifts

An Essential Tool

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Fully rugged tablets have become an essential tool in the forklift industry, as they allow for greater efficiency, safety, and accuracy in warehouse operations.

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Forklift Rugged Tablets

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Forklift operators use fully rugged tablets to access real-time information about inventory, shipments, and other critical data. These tablets are built to withstand the harsh conditions of a warehouse environment, including temperature changes, dust, and drops. They are also equipped with advanced features such as barcode scanning, GPS, and data connectivity, allowing for real-time updates and communication with a centralized system

Minno has proven experience tackling technology challenges in warehouse management with forklifts.


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  • One key advantage of using fully rugged tablets on forklifts is the ability to increase the accuracy of inventory tracking. By scanning barcodes on products, operators can quickly and easily update the inventory count in the central system, eliminating the need for manual tracking and reducing the risk of errors. This improves the efficiency of the warehouse operations and reduces the risk of out-of-stock or overstocking.
  • Fully rugged tablets can also be used to monitor the status of forklifts, including their location, fuel levels, and maintenance needs. This allows supervisors to track the movement of forklifts and ensure that they are being used efficiently and safely.
  • Operators can be alerted to incoming shipments and scan RFID and barcodes to provide an accurate workflow record, and efficiently pick and pack outbound shipments.
Engineered tough for use in challenging environments

Forklift Tablet Features

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  • Built to operate in extreme temperatures 
  • Hardened to withstand vibration, drops, and shocks
  • Dustproof and waterproof
  • Hardware for Windows and Android operating systems and apps from the respective app stores or your company’s custom programs 
  • Reliable connectivity for real time communication and data transfer
  • Swappable and long-life batteries accommodate long hours in the warehouse and demanding applications
  • Tablets are also equipped with safety features such as touchscreens that can be used with gloves and sunlight-readable displays.
  • Our forklift tablets support mounting brackets to keep them easily readable and accessible by operators.
  • Optional integrated barcode scanner available.

Dependability & Warranty

Minno rugged tablets are rigorously tested and certified to meet IP and Mil-Spec standards so they survive harsh climates, drops and vibrations and offer robust ingress protection against moisture and dust, to minimize downtime, increase safety and boost efficiency.

Minno has one of the strongest warranty policies in the industry with product replacement in the event of a defect and live customer support provided from our offices in North America.

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