Rugged Tablets for Freight & Moving

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Efficient warehouse stock control, asset tracking, and logistics management. Rugged tablets designed for harsh warehouse environment conditions.

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Freight & Moving Rugged Tablets

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Rugged tablets can reduce operating costs and improve customer satisfaction. Tablets will improve estimation, space allocation and load planning, proof of pick-up and delivery condition, invoicing, and insurance compliance.

Rugged tablets deliver ROI and efficiency both in and out of the truck cab, crane, ship, and plane.


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Rugged tablets mounted in cab:

  • Scheduling
  • Navigation
  • Communication with dispatch
  • Geolocation of drivers and assets

Portable out of the cab for on-site work:

  • Barcode scanning
  • Document condition of product received/delivered
  • Photograph damage for insurance
  • Instant invoicing
Engineered tough for use in challenging environments

Freight & Moving Tablet Features

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  • Built to perform in hot vehicles and cold storage facilities
  • Barcode scanning and RFID enable fast, accurate data collection
  • High processing power allows Microsoft Windows 10 Professional or Android OS to be responsive running the business applications you need.
  • Multiple screen size options allow you to pick the ideal tablet for viewing data, maps, photos, dimensioning.
  • An integrated color camera documents deliveries, and merchandise conditions at time of delivery.
  • RFID card readers can make invoice settlement accurate, secure and instantaneous, improving customer satisfaction.

Dependability & Warranty

Minno rugged tablets are rigorously tested and certified to meet IP and Mil-Spec standards so they survive harsh climates, drops and vibrations and offer robust ingress protection against moisture and dust, to minimize downtime, increase safety and boost efficiency.

Minno has one of the strongest warranty policies in the industry with product replacement in the event of a defect and live customer support provided from our offices in North America.

  • Alaska Airlines is a client of Minno Tablet
  • Alsea is a client of Minno Tablet
  • Chili's is a client of Minno Tablet
  • Domino's is a client of Minno Tablet
  • Evolve Controls is a client of Minno Tablet
  • P.F. Chang's is a client of Minno Tablet
  • Spokane County is a client of Minno Tablet
  • Starbucks is a client of Minno Tablet
  • The United States Department of Veterans Affairs is a client of Minno Tablet

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