Rugged Tablets for Archaeology

Organize Your Field Work and Data Collection

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From the smallest archeological site to the largest and most complex excavations, having rugged tablets on the job site helps improve communication and can significantly reduce artifact documentation and tracking, mapping and surveying sites.

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Archaeology Rugged Tablets

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Rugged tablets are a more affordable alternative to desktop computers and the durable case and components are designed to withstand harsh outdoor conditions, including extreme temperatures, dust, and drops, which can be common in archaeological fieldwork. They are also equipped with advanced features such as GPS, barcode scanning, and data connectivity, which can be useful for collecting and managing archaeological data.

Minno has proven experience tackling technology challenges in Archaeology.


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  • Minno rugged tablets offer fast processors designed to run Windows and Android operating systems that allow you to use the latest applications for archiving, planning, presentations, communication, and information access.
  • High-accuracy GPS equipped rugged tablets can assist with GIS surveying tasks, mapping, site inspections, resource assessment, infrastructure planning, environmental impact assessment, and more.
  • Jobsite workers can stay connected and share important real-time data with robust built-in communication options, including Bluetooth, WiFi, and cell networks (3G,4G, LTE). WiFi equipped tablets are also an excellent platform for controlling drones for site mapping and surveillance.
  • Crew members and site managers using handheld rugged tablets can be free from time-consuming and often hard-to-read paperwork. Tablets provide easy access to sunlight readable digital site plans and blueprints, which improves efficiency and productivity.
Engineered tough for use in challenging environments

Archaeology Tablet Features

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  • Built to operate in extreme temperatures 
  • Hardened to withstand vibration, drops, and shocks
  • Dustproof and waterproof
  • Hardware for Windows and Android operating systems and apps from the respective app stores or your company’s custom programs 
  • Reliable connectivity for real time communication and data transfer
  • Swappable and long-life batteries accommodate long hours in the field, travel, and demanding applications
  • High resolution and sunlight readable screens make it easy to work outdoors
  • High definition cameras capture detail for remote assessment

Dependability & Warranty

Minno rugged tablets are rigorously tested and certified to meet IP and Mil-Spec standards so they survive harsh climates, drops and vibrations and offer robust ingress protection against moisture and dust, to minimize downtime, increase safety and boost efficiency.

Minno has one of the strongest warranty policies in the industry with product replacement in the event of a defect and live customer support provided from our offices in North America.

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