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Rugged tablets provide tight, reliable communications, speedy access to patient files and medical images, and the ability to provide accurate patient information to thousands or even millions of caregivers.

Healthcare and Telemedicine Rugged Tablets

Rugged tablets create distribution chain transparency and maximize the use of assets, store deliveries are efficient and accurate.  Invoicing happens in real time.  Customized devices will enhance the visibility of your brand throughout the distribution channel.


Minno telemedicine rugged tablets benefit the quality of life of patients with access to communication, entertainment, and hospital services.

Rugged tablets by Minno Tablet are an ideal tool in the healthcare industry


Healthcare tablets empower providers as a tool for collaboration, data collection and management, and workflow efficiency. Minno rugged mobile tablets have integrated barcode scanners and other optional accessories that will empower front-line staff to provide excellence of care to patients.

  • Minimize exposure of medical staff to patients in quarantine while communicating freely by remote, without a mask.
  • Patients can communicate and engage with family and friends, read or watch videos.
  • Enables bedside access to team support services – pharmacists, dietitians, and interpreters.
  • Allows remote consultation and care, maximizing the use of staff resources.
  • Rugged for high use in exigent conditions. Withstands frequent sanitation and cleaning.
  • Healthcare Rugged tablets are cost-effective and easy to deploy in waiting rooms and patient floor settings.
  • Digital documents reduce costly paperwork and eliminate data entry and transcription errors including patient information and insurance details.
  • Rugged tablets for EMTs can send photos, video, and other vital information on a patient’s condition prior to arrival at a hospital. 
  • Streamlines health checks at facility entrances.  


Tablet Features

  • Secure, reliable Windows Pro and Android OS
  • Tested for drop, shock, water resistance, dust, and extreme temperature exposure.
  • Long battery life and extended battery life with replaceable battery options. This allows healthcare tablets to be operational indefinitely in high use applications. 
  • Easy to carry and hold with comfortable back hand strap
  • Optional rugged tablet integrated barcode scanner ensures fast and accurate data collection
  • Secure wifi and cellular connectivity for real-time communication in the field and in the clinic.

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Minno also manufactures ThermoTab – 

An automatic, non-contact fever screening and mask compliance system that identifies customers and staff for future contact tracing.  

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