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Rugged Tablets for Any Industry

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Rugged tablets enable seamless productivity in the most challenging environments - extreme temperatures, weather, drops, and shocks - ensuring uninterrupted operations. With options for operating systems you can integrate Minno rugged mobile devices into existing workflows to enhance efficiency, optimize processes and drive productivity in any industry.

Agriculture Rugged Tablets

Rugged tablets have become critical tools for communication, plant management and data collection on farms and ranches of all sizes.

Tablets allow you to efficiently gather real-time information on crop conditions, harvesting status, and inventory, as well as improve safety and asset management.


Archaeology Rugged Tablets

From the smallest archeological site to the largest and most complex excavations, having rugged tablets on the job site helps improve communication and can significantly reduce artifact documentation and tracking, mapping and surveying sites.

Construction Rugged Tablets

Rugged tablets on the job site help improve communication and can significantly reduce construction time and building costs.

From a standard remodel, to a complex development project, having rugged tablets on the job site helps improve communication and can significantly reduce construction time and building costs.

Rugged Tablets for Distribution

Lightweight handheld rugged tablets with built-in scanners are perfect to keep track of inventory, billing, and quality control.

Minno rugged tablets are built to perform in hot vehicles and cold storage facilities.

Rugged Tablets for Field Service

With powerful 4G LTE & GPS connections, Minno rugged tablets give your field service team the access they need to take their work anywhere.

A rugged tablet is the ideal pairing for field service workers; giving them access to vital measuring, mapping, and diagnostic apps.

Rugged Tablets for Forklifts

Fully rugged tablets have become an essential tool in the forklift industry, as they allow for greater efficiency, safety, and accuracy in warehouse operations.

These tablets are built to withstand the harsh conditions of a warehouse environment, including temperature changes, dust, and drops.

Rugged Tablets for Freight & Moving

Rugged tablets are transforming the moving industry by bringing efficiency, accountability, and visibility to transportation logistics.

Efficient warehouse stock control, asset tracking, and logistics management. Rugged tablets designed for harsh warehouse environment conditions.

Rugged Tablets for Healthcare & Telemedicine

Immediately reference up-to-date patient data while reducing the impact on medical staff and reducing the use of personal protective equipment.

Rugged tablets create medical care transparency ensuring patient care records and charges are efficiently and accurately tracked.

Rugged Manufacturing Tablets

Rugged tablets are ideal for the manufacturing industry – from the warehouse to the shop floor, our rugged tablets keep production moving.

Using mobile rugged tablets, managers and plant crews have access to real-time information, which helps them streamline tasks and improve efficiency.

Rugged Tablets for Oil & Gas

With high ingress protection standards, Minno rugged tablets allow you to monitor your equipment in the toughest conditions.

Increase production, improve operational efficiency, and detect failures before they happen with rugged tablet solutions for oil and gas.

Rugged Tablets for Restaurants & Hospitality

Minno rugged tablets make it easier for workers to manage menu, inventory, and operations while also improving efficiency and reducing errors.

Rugged tables for chain restaurants, fine dining, and specialty drinks and food, improve the efficiency and service of any restaurant


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