Rugged Tablets for Industry

Minno rugged Android and Windows tablet are perfect for agriculture, livestock, and farming work.


Rugged tablets have become critical tools for communication, plant management and data collection on farms and ranches of all sizes.

Minno Tablets are perfect for challenging field work

Field Service

With powerful 4G LTE & GPS connections, Minno rugged tablets give your field service team the access they need to take their work anywhere.

Minno rugged tablets are perfect for the manufacturing and production industry


Rugged tablets are ideal for the manufacturing industry – from the warehouse to the shop floor, our rugged tablets keep production moving.

Minno rugged Windows and Android rugged tablets are ideal for any construction crew


Rugged tablets on the job site help improve communication and can significantly reduce construction time and building costs.

Minno rugged tablets are perfect for the warehouse and logistics industry

Freight & Moving

Rugged tablets are transforming the moving industry by bringing efficiency, accountability, and visibility to transportation logistics.

Minno rugged tablets are perfect for the field services industry

Oil & Gas

With high ingress protection standards, Minno rugged tablets allow you to monitor your equipment in the toughest conditions.

Minno rugged tablets are perfect for the delivery, logistics, and freight industry


Lightweight handheld rugged tablets with built-in scanners are perfect to keep track of inventory, billing, and quality control.

Minno rugged tablets are perfect for the healthcare and telemedicine industry

Healthcare & Telemedicine

Immediately reference up-to-date patient data while reducing the impact on medical staff and reducing the use of personal protective equipment.

Minno rugged tablets are perfect for the restaurant industry


Minno rugged tablets make it easier for workers to manage menu, inventory, and operations while also improving efficiency and reducing errors.