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Portable, rugged and feature-rich, tablets for logistics and delivery business can improve efficiency and boost workforce engagement.

Product Distribution Rugged Tablets

Rugged tablets create distribution chain transparency and maximize the use of assets, store deliveries are efficient and accurate.  Invoicing happens in real time.  Customized devices will enhance the visibility of your brand throughout the distribution channel.

The Maverick A10 is a perfect rugged Android tablet for logistics and warehouse work


Whatever you distribute, Minno Rugged tablets hold up to hard use in challenging environments and have the functions you need including optional integrated barcode scanning. Your investment will create ROI through…

  • Increased productivity through efficient operations, reduced errors and duplication
  • Easily manage the complexity of SKUs with barcode scanners
  • Assess delivery capacity, optimize routing, and communicate with dispatch remotely
  • Ensure compliance with brand standards and retailer requirements with documents and reference on demand.
  • Improve account management and customer satisfaction, all while lowering operating costs.
  • Manage product replenishment to keep product in stock and on the shelves 
  • Optimize routing of field sales personnel.
  • Provide proof of condition and delivery.
  • Inventory access empowers sales personnel to maximize sales and avoid being out of stock on orders.

Industry Applications

  • Peddle sales support
  • Delivery logistics
  • Merchandising
  • Sales Presentations
  • Onsite billing and settlement

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Tablet Features

Minno rugged tablets are built to perform in hot vehicles and cold storage facilities. They have the functionality you need including sunlight readable screens and optional, integrated barcode scanning.

  • Barcode scanning and RFID enable fast, accurate data collection
  • High processing power allows Microsoft Windows 10 Professional or Android OS to be responsive running the business applications you need.
  • Multiple screen size options allow you to pick tablets ideal for viewing data, maps, photos, and presentations
  • An integrated color camera documents deliveries, and merchandising displays (yours and your competitors)
  • RFID card readers can make invoice settlement accurate and instantaneous.

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