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Android vs Windows Rugged Tablets

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Choosing between Windows and Android tablets ultimately comes down to a user's specific needs and preferences. Below are some differences to consider.

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Android Rugged Tablets

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Android tablets are lighter, thinner, and generally more affordable than Windows devices of the same spec.

Android tablets may not be compatible with Windows-based systems and software, which can be a drawback for enterprises that use Windows in the rest of their business. But most cloud applications can be accessed and used by both Windows and Android devices.

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Windows Rugged Tablets

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Windows is the most widely used operating system in the world so Windows tablets can easily integrate with existing Windows-based systems and software, making them a great choice for healthcare, enterprise, and government.

Windows tablets tend to be somewhat heavier than Android devices of equal spec and may have a shorter battery life because Windows is more processor-intensive. Windows OS is updated frequently which is good for security but can be tedious to boot the device while it updates