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How To Sanitize Your Mobile Devices

Following COVID-19 Safety Guidelines for Cleaning Devices 

Disinfecting technology in your business, home, or shared public workspace is essential to prevent the spread of diseases. But how do you know if you are cleaning your device in the right or wrong way? 

Knowing how to properly sanitize devices to follow COVID-19 safety protocols may be tricky depending on which device you have, how you use your device, and which sanitizer you have available. Thankfully, Minno has your back when figuring out how to clean your tablet or other devices. 

We aim to provide you with all the tools you need to ensure the safety of your employees and yourself. Whether you use your devices for a retail business, hospitals or health centers, warehouses, or at home, making sure you are armed against any germs that might come your way is our priority. 

Thanks to Minno’s highly customizable format we’re able to design our products with each detail of everyday life in mind. Today, this includes frequent sanitation due to COVID-19 health protocols in place in many industries. We give you the option to not only customize your tablet for your business needs but also to accommodate the requirements needed to keep up with health concerns of this ever-changing world. We created both our One for All sanitizer and the ThermoTab to help you stay ahead of the game and run your business as smoothly and safely as you can. In addition to the health-centered physical capabilities of your customized tablet, we also provide you with a step-by-step guide to keep your tablet running while keeping you and your workers protected. 

Here’s how Minno recommends you sanitize a tablet

Your safety is extremely important to us, and we understand that in an emergency you may not have the time to reach out before needing to sterilize your device. That’s why we have a general step-by-step list that can help you keep germs away while also following proper guidelines to protect your tech. 

Here you will find recommended cleaning agents to use that will properly sterilize your products without damaging them, information on how to disinfect any accessories including the Minno Thermotab stand, cases, and side buttons, and the best materials to use to wipe down your devices. We will also outline how to handle your mobile computer while it is being sanitized to ensure the cleaning process is optimal. Remember that you can always contact the Minno’s customer service team at MinnoTablet.com/support if you have any questions, we are always here to help. 

How to Properly Sanitize Your Rugged Tablet:

Step 1: 

Turn off your device and all accessories attached to it. Remove any cables to ensure there are no active electrical currents running into your device or its accessories. 

Step 2:

Dampen a cloth or soft paper towel with your cleaning solution. Make sure never to spray cleaning solution directly on to your device or accessories, as the extra liquid could seep into cracks or crevices and damage your device. 

Step 3:

Wipe down the surfaces of your device with the cloth, ensuring no excess liquid drips into any entry ports or tablet accessories. 

Step 4:

Once your device has been wiped down and checked for excess moisture, allow it to air dry completely before turning it back on and reattaching any accessories. 

While Minno does not endorse one particular cleaning product, we recommend using 70% isopropyl alcohol prep pads for sterilization, or a sanitizer of 75% ethyl alcohol. Other cleaning wipes or solutions can be used as long as they are non abrasive and safe for glass surfaces. Minno is currently working on releasing its own surface cleaner version of the One For All hand sanitizer and you will be able to find it on MinnoTablet.com once it’s available.

Because many Minno products are customizable, our devices often have differences between them that may alter the ideal cleaning process. One of the benefits of choosing Minno is your connection to our top notch support team that will know your specific tablet design and provide you with your own perfect cleaning protocol. It is important to speak with your personalized customer service representative to get the best results possible both to sterilize a tablet and to ensure it maintains peak performance. 

Once you have either contacted your personalized customer service representative or decided which cleaning process fits your devices needs, we recommend you implement a routine step-by-step policy in your company to help your employees follow COVID protocols and keep themselves and your customers safe. Doing this will allow them to consistently and properly disinfect any tech they may use and fight back against germs that may make them ill. Moreover, it will demonstrate a level of commitment to their health and provide comfort that any shared technology is less likely to transmit Coronavirus or other diseases. 

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