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Increase production, improve operational efficiency, and detect failures before they happen with rugged tablet solutions for oil and gas.

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Oil & Gas Rugged Tablets

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Rugged tablets have become a vital tool for the oil and natural gas industries for a variety of reasons. They provide an unsurpassed level of durability and reliability in harsh conditions. They can take falls and bumps without sustaining damage. Perhaps most importantly, they provide field workers in a plant or remote location, with a wide range of essential capabilities: data collection, compliance reporting, asset management, equipment maintenance, GPS and GIS tracking and more. Wherever your equipment has to go, you’ll stay connected by WiFi or cell network. Our tablets can even be designed with customized cases and boot-up screens with brand colors and logos to create a cohesive professional image.

Minno has proven experience tackling technology challenges in Oil & Gas.


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  • Minno rugged tablets are custom designed and rigorously tested to increase field worker and factory productivity with robust Ingress Protection and Mil-Spec Standards.
  • High-accuracy GPS equipped rugged computers can assist with GIS surveying tasks, mapping, site inspections, resource assessment, infrastructure planning, environmental impact assessment and more.
  • Fast processors easily handle large images, high-resolution maps, charts, and other visuals. Sunlight-readable screen perfect for viewing outdoors and touchscreen make navigation simple.
  • Fieldworkers stay connected with robust built-in communication options, and a range of ports to connect to external equipment, antennas, and satellites
  • Ergonomically designed tablets can be handheld, vehicle-mounted, or used with a harness or shoulder strap enabling real-time status updates, payloads, locations, and other information, and can help dispatchers and drivers coordinate on legal, safety, and environmental issues.
  • Tracking assets and keeping inventory of materials can be simplified with a built-in 2D scanner, laser scanner, physical keypad, and programmable buttons.
  • Detailed records, data sheets, and field reports can be saved on the tablet and sent in real-time to office servers, for use with predictive maintenance, equipment inspection and safety compliance. Reducing regulatory burdens on workers and keeping equipment and crewmembers safer.
  • Machine guidance systems can be operated in the field using rugged tablets allowing workers to keep a safe distance from drill-and-blast equipment and other machinery. Autonomous drilling and other machine guidance solutions help boost productivity and worker safety for oil and gas applications.
  • Rugged computers have a long operational lifetime and high ROI which increase profits, save time and reduce waste. Rugged tablets designed and built for use in challenging environments can still be fully operational four to six years later.
  • Turn your rugged tablet into a data collection and monitoring station with a built-in accelerometer, gravity sensor, gyroscope sensor, light sensor, magnetic field sensor, rotational vector sensor, NFC, WIFI, Bluetooth, 4G LTE connectivity, and other connection ports.
Engineered tough for use in challenging environments

Oil & Gas Tablet Features

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  • Built to operate in extreme temperatures
  • Hardened to withstand vibration, drops, and shocks
  • Dustproof and waterproof
  • Hardware for Windows and Android operating systems and apps from the respective app stores or your company’s custom programs
  • Reliable connectivity for real-time communication and data transfer
  • Swappable and long-life batteries accommodate long hours in the field and travel
  • High resolution and sunlight readable screens make it easy to work outdoors
  • High-definition cameras capture detail for remote assessment
  • Options such as bar code scanning and RFID readers can be integrated
  • Accessories for easy use in the field.

Dependability & Warranty

Minno rugged tablets are rigorously tested and certified to meet IP and Mil-Spec standards so they survive harsh climates, drops and vibrations and offer robust ingress protection against moisture and dust, to minimize downtime, increase safety and boost efficiency.

Minno has one of the strongest warranty policies in the industry with product replacement in the event of a defect and live customer support provided from our offices in North America.

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