Regional Assembly Partnerships

Many countries have a reservoir of educated technical professionals.  Few have a manufacturing supply chain to support the industrial base that supports those jobs.  Minno RAPs can be the key to creating a local tech or rugged tablet manufacturing facility and an ecosystem that creates jobs, reduces the landed cost of products, and opens the door to exports to other regional markets.

Building Your Assembly Plant

Minno will work with you to identify and design a facility and review construction plans or renovations necessary to build an efficient high-tech rugged tablet assembly plant.

Training Staff

Minno has experience in the transfer of manufacturing processes. We have documented the process and have materials and content to train both workers and supervisors in each stage of assembly and operations to support Android or Windows Tablets.

Supplying SKD Kits

Once the assembly plant has been built, Minno will set up an exclusive supplier partnership with you to choose your device, manage QC and logistics and deliver high-end SKDs (Semi Knockdown Kits) to be assembled, packaged, and supported locally.

Think Globally, Manufacture Locally

Minno’s Regional Assembly Partnerships (RAP) – such as TSD in Armenia – enable our partners to assemble a Minno-qualified bill of materials in their local market. RAPs reduce landed-cost of products by adding value locally, create high-value local jobs, enable local support of your products and often create export opportunities to regional markets.

Jump-Start Your Tech Sector with Minno's Supply Chain

Semi-Knockdown (SKDs) kits of the devices you want are a proven way to bring successful technology manufacturing into your market. SKDs give you assurance that the design and quality meet your requirements while significantly reducing costly tariffs on fully assembled units.  You’ll be creating high value assembly and management jobs, customer support jobs, packaging design and packaging and logistics jobs. A Minno RAP will not only allow you to assemble high-quality, affordable tablets and devices for education, healthcare, and business.  It  will also support the development of an IT ecosystem in your market and potentially exports to other markets. As opportunities emerge we’ll work with you to be your on-going supply chain of qualified new models, and technologies.

World Class Training

Minno provides a technology transfer package of facility lay-out consulting, assembly equipment, processes and training to make your assembly plant successful. We offer master-level training programs to transfer operations training and turn your management staff into qualified trainers themselves to facilitate the recruitment and training of an effective and efficient work force.