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Regional Assembly Partnerships

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Minno’s Regional Assembly Partnerships enable local production and distribution through strategic collaborations. Particularly in countries where import duties on finished goods are high, Minno can become your mobile device supply chain. Cooperating with a local partner we can sell assembly equipment, clean room equipment, test equipment and provide training to make you successful at assembling devices in your home country. We ensure that ourtablets meet your requirements and that they are assembled well and efficiently, catering to the specific needs of each market. You can sell tablets locally and even export regionally under your brand name.

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Key Benefits of Our Regional Assembly Partnerships:

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  • Localized Expertise: Partnering with regional specialists ensures that our products are tailored to meet local standards and requirements.
  • Faster Delivery: Local assembly significantly reduces shipping times, enabling quicker delivery to our customers.
  • Cost Efficiency: Reducing international shipping and tariffs lowers costs, allowing us to offer more competitive pricing.
  • Job creation. An assembly facility will create management, software, assembly, packaging, logistics, and technical support jobs in your country, which usually garners strong support from your government. It can even create high tech exports to regional markets.
  • Enhanced Support: Regional partners provide localized customer service and support, ensuring prompt and effective assistance.
  • Sustainability: Local production reduces our carbon footprint, supporting our commitment to environmental sustainability.
Working with Minno

Join Our RAP Network:

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Minno established a successful Assembly Partnership in Yerevan, Armenia to reduce the landed cost of tablets, create jobs, add local value, and supply the Armenian school system and industry. We have done feasibility and proposed similar partnerships for Brazil, Mexico, and Saudi Arabia.

We are continually seeking to expand our network of regional assembly partners. If you are interested in collaborating with Minno to deliver our industry-leading rugged tablets in your region, please contact us to explore partnership opportunities.