Windows, Android & Custom Rugged Tablets

Minno designs the very best Windows and Android rugged tablets at prices that can’t be beat, and with a 100% guarantee that’s simply unheard of. We also specialize in creating custom rugged tablets in bulk for restaurants, healthcare, retail, and field service personnel. So whether you need one rugged tablet to serve as a point of sale system or a thousand highly-customized tablets to support your field service team all over the globe, we’ve got you covered.

Minno Rugged Tablet Collection, Left to right: Resilient A10, Challenger W12, Apex A6

Minno Rugged Tablets

Rugged Windows and Android tablets and scanners built for all types of industries.

Minno Tablet creates custom rugged tablets for large bulk orders

Custom Windows & Android Tablets in Bulk

Equip your teams with affordable, high-end Windows and Android tablets built to your unique specifications.

Minno creates custom tablets and mobile devices for major brands in the business

Rugged Tablet Industry Solutions

We design and develop custom and bulk tablets for some of the biggest names in the business.

Expand your business with Minno rugged Android and Windows tablets

Rugged tablets are vertical-market dwellers designed for work in the field, on factory floors, carried by first responders, military personnel, or mounted on police-car dashboards.

Fully rugged tablets can survive rain, water submersion, hot and freezing temperatures, vibration, 4ft drops onto hard surfaces, and won’t clog up with dirt, blowing dust, or sand.

Minno business solutions

  • Boost marketing and expand your channels with a custom branded rugged tablet. 
  • Increase efficiency and customer service with a POS, cash register rugged tablet. 
  • Quick return on investment with affordable rugged tablets bought in bulk.

Why buy Minno rugged tablets?

  • 2-year warranty included with every purchase and provided from one of our US locations.
  • Live, local support; no bots work here.
  • Affordable rugged tablet bulk orders. Minno will spec your tech to fit your project and brand it for you.
  • Minno makes every effort to ship products using recycled and biodegradable materials. We participate in e-recycling to prevent toxic and hazardous e-waste from entering landfills.

Jump-start a tech sector with Minno Tablet’s supply chain

Many countries have a reservoir of educated technical professionals. Few have a manufacturing supply chain to support the industrial base that supports those jobs. Minno RAPs can be the key to creating a local tech or rugged tablet manufacturing facility and an ecosystem that creates jobs, reduces the landed cost of products, and opens the door to exports to other regional markets.

Our Clients

Our clients trust us to design and build mobile solutions that solve their challenges.

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