Rugged Tablets for Manufacturing

Essential Factory Equipment

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Rugged tablets are ideal for the manufacturing industry – from the warehouse to the shop floor, our rugged tablets keep production moving by allowing workers to access business-critical information anytime, anywhere.

Mobile Innovation

Manufacturing Rugged Tablets

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Manufacturing in the global marketplace has never been more challenging, producers of all sizes are recognizing that technology solutions such as Minno rugged tablets, can leverage instant data access for a significant competitive advantage. Using mobile rugged tablets, managers and plant crews have access to real-time information, which helps them streamline tasks and improve efficiency. Managers can stay on top of output, track inventory and workflow, and manage schedules and employee performance. Line workers can use rugged tablets to monitor machine output, interface with equipment, get alerts and diagnose and address problems before they lead to costly downtime. Maintenance crews can access maintenance records, work instructions and use the latest software to perform regular machine calibration and maintain vital equipment and infrastructure.

Minno has proven experience tackling technology challenges in Manufacturing.


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  • Asset and facility management becomes much easier with the help of a rugged tablet. Using the built in RFID scanner and the latest applications team members can track tools, equipment, parts and inventory, as they move through the plant and the production process.
  • Using Minno tablet’s standard built-in 2D scanner or custom barcode scanner helps dock crews record and track raw materials or components when they arrive at the plant. Invoices and shipping orders can be reviewed for accuracy in real time minimizing delays and bottlenecks.
  • Constant access to current inventory levels is another significant advantage of having rugged tablets on the plant floor. By automating the production line replenishment process you can keep the right amount of material on hand to keep the process running smoothly without delays.
  • Minno rugged tablets provide maximum versatility, from mounting on vehicles and equipment, to hand held, and shoulder strap options.
  • Using Minno tablet’s standard hi-definition front camera combined with the latest warehouse management applications, warehouse storage and shipping capacity can be analyzed and optimized with a few keystrokes.
  • Built in GPS allows for better tracking of personnel and equipment and provides employees with hassle-free online timesheets, easy clock in and out and team scheduling.
  • Automated production lines still need constant monitoring by personnel and rugged tablets allow for instant changes to production parameters if there are equipment failures. Line workers and warehouse teams can stay connected with management and share important real-time data with robust built-in communication options, including Bluetooth, WiFi, and cell networks (3G,4G, LTE).
  • Minno tablets can be equipped with biometric scanners and card readers to insure the highest level security for each device.
Engineered tough for use in challenging environments

Manufacturing Tablet Features

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  • Built to operate in extreme temperatures
  • Hardened to withstand vibration, drops, and shocks
  • Dustproof and waterproof
  • Hardware for Windows and Android operating systems and apps from the respective app stores or your company’s custom programs
  • Reliable connectivity for real-time communication and data transfer
  • Swappable and long-life batteries accommodate long hours in the field, travel, and demanding applications
  • High resolution and sunlight readable screens make it easy to work outdoors
  • High definition cameras capture detail for remote assessment

Dependability & Warranty

Minno rugged tablets are rigorously tested and certified to meet IP and Mil-Spec standards so they survive harsh climates, drops and vibrations and offer robust ingress protection against moisture and dust, to minimize downtime, increase safety and boost efficiency.

Minno has one of the strongest warranty policies in the industry with product replacement in the event of a defect and live customer support provided from our offices in North America.

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