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The Benefits of a Custom Tablet to Enhance Marketing and Support Your Brand

Mobile tablets and phones provide business owners and marketers the ability to use mixed media and their own software Apps as part of marketing campaigns. The potential of mobile marketing through software applications deployed on an iPad or Surface Tablet is already mainstream.

But manufacturers now build custom tablets at a fraction of the cost of iPads or Surface Tablets to include:

  • Your company’s logos
  • Custom start screens and apps
  • Your colors and design

You can now cost effectively put a custom-built tablet in the hands of your customers to strengthen your brand and improve your customer perception.

Here are just some ways to improve customer retention, drive new business and strengthen brand loyalty.

Presentation Device

Imagine replacing the community laptop with a tablet, or better yet, handing tablets to your sales reps and customers so every time they use the tablet you are top of mind.

Replacing Paper

It all comes down to teaching and learning. Inexpensive tablets now allow you to replace paper documents and even PDFs to teach your consumers about your business, products and services. Many customers are even using them to replace manuals or books. A tablet is lightweight; it takes seconds for it to “consume” or display any information.

Multiple Functions

A tablet dedicated to your App is a direct conduit between your company and your customer with many additional uses. It can function as a calendar, a calculator, a notepad, a gallery for your best images, and so much more.

Direct Communication

While still in its infancy, the tablet marketing strategy is quickly gaining traction with businesses around the globe. Tablets  conveniently bridge the gap between real world and online communications. Some companies now leverage tablets as a direct link between their customer service team and their customer.

Tablet Marketing to Increase Sales

The perfect time to capitalize on customer interest in your products is the exact moment they enter your store, and this is when you convert them from prospects to customers. Your tablet can become a virtual store anywhere, dedicated exclusively to your products and solutions. With a dynamic screen with your logo, you can use it for:

  • Showcasing product videos and services in store: The most effective way of showing the benefits of a product or service is via quick video presentation placed right next to the product. Consumers on the fence about becoming paying customers appreciate the possibility of learning more about the product easily and quickly.
  • Connecting with consumers via social media: Many apps allow your customers to instantly connect with your company’s social media pages and accounts. Convert prospects across all major social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter. Offer discounts as a reward for the connection.
  • Contests: Get your consumers to participate. Loyalty programs have the power of boosting sales. Returning customers want to be appreciated, and an in-store loyalty program that gives them benefits for being a loyal customer is always a good idea.

There are countless ways to use a tablet for enhancing your marketing results and increasing sales. All it takes is a little creativity combined with the right hardware. Quality custom tablets will allow you to optimize your marketing results and enable successful campaigns and strategies for your business.

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