Minno developed a state-of-the-art smart room control solution that creates memorable guest experiences while reducing costs and providing sustainable and environmentally friendly spaces.

Customer & Solution Partner: Evolve Controls

Products & Services:

  • Tablet-based Interfaces and software
  • Wireless low-power Device Control & Communications
  • In-room Climate, Lighting, Drape, & Room Lock Hardware
  • Windows IoT & Azure Solutions

Industry: Hospitality

Country: USA

A combined Smart Room Control & Network Hub for the Hospitality industry.

The Evolve Controls highly intuitive room automation platform creates memorable guest experiences while reducing costs and providing sustainable and environmentally friendly spaces.

Minno partnered with Evolve to develop a state of the art guest interface to support their updated service and control system based upon the Microsoft Windows 10 IoT Enterprise OS platform.  This OS version provides locked-down function, with unparalleled security features for the hospitality industry.  The Microsoft platform also allows integration and Azure data analytics capabilities for Evolve and their customers.

The Evolve Guest Interface (eGI) device also serves as the controller and network hub for an array of in-room devices communicating by multiple low-energy IoT protocols.  As a direct OEM manufacturer specializing in customized hardware solutions for enterprise deployment, Minno also offers best value for high-performance devices as compared with retail branded tablets.

Results of combined hardware and partner solution:

eGI is the world’s first guest-facing gateway device with a modern touch-screen interface, enabling guests to simply operate orchestrated full-suite lighting schemes, drapery and climate settings.  eGI imparts intuitive user-friendly design to simply operate a multitude of devices with one touch. In addition, eGI provides the hotel with a seamless implementation, advanced security, branding options, and integrated communication by WiFi, Z-Wave & Zigbee smart-room protocols.  The platform is a cloud-based system for enhanced operational efficiency and future-proofed application integration.

Formerly separate thermostat, lighting & shading control, IoT hub, Clock, and Guest Service access are now consolidated into eGI. This reduction in devices results in reduced wiring and installation cost. The digital clock automatically syncs with a cloud server, eliminating clock resets. The screen includes hotel branding and hotel-wide messaging.

Advanced security features include TPM Security and Evolve Controls’ Remote Management to mitigate threats. eGI takes advantage of a stable and secure Microsoft stack including Windows 10 OS, IoT Software, and Azure Cloud application and data storage.

Gain transparency into all in-room systems through a single dashboard. Provides operations staff with system performance data to respond to issues and identify potential faults before these affect your guests.

The eGI, a simple intuitive Guest Interface device delivers a fully integrated, seamless control and monitoring system that provides occupancy-based energy management, in-room lighting controls and guest room automation including shading and drapery to create memorable guest experiences while reducing energy and operational costs.

Energy is typically the highest operating expense after labor, and lighting and HVAC combined can account for over 70% of total hotel energy use. While improvements in equipment performance and upgrading technologies reduce cost, operators can reduce overall energy use by up to 40% through better integration and occupancy-based management of in-room systems. Guests want to personally manage the in-room experience easily and intuitively for comfort, lighting and views. But they spend on average less than 8 hours in hotel rooms per day, while the largest energy consuming systems – HVAC and lighting – typically are running as if the room were occupied. That’s wasted energy and increased cost for Hotels, Casinos & Inns.

Minno Tablet Case Study | Evolve Controls
Minno Tablet Case Study | Evolve Controls

Results for Business

  • Improved Guest Experience: simple, sleek, and more intuitive room controls for comfort
  • Operational Efficiency with streamlined installation and reduced number of devices
  • Enhanced brand & quality perception for hotel
  • Advanced Security with automated updates, patches & functions
  • Facility operational insight and savings

Returns on Investment

  • Reduced guest room energy costs up to 40%
  • Qualified utility rebates
  • Meet corporate energy savings and sustainability goals
  • Qualifed up to 22 LEED points
  • Extended equipment life

Reduced Capital Expenditure through Lean, Wireless Infrastructure

  • Reduced electrical and network infrastructure with significant cost savings
  • Ideal for both new builds and retrofits
  • Simple, quick, and effective installation
Minno Tablet Case Study | Evolve Controls