Minno created a product that provides airlines with low-cost, high-impact innovations that create a new high-end in-flight experience for Alaska Airlines

Customer: Skycast Solutions

Products & Services: 

  • Portable In-Flight Entertainment Devices
  • Personal Entertainment Device Holder
  • Device Management, Content Provision, and Maintenance

Industry: Aerospace, Digital Entertainment, Enterprise Software

Country: USA

Re-imagining In-Flight Entertainment:


Skycast partnered with Minno to develop an ideal updated Windows 10 tablet with an expanded 9-inch screen to replace the existing fleet of Windows 8 device units deployed with Alaska Airlines.

Hardware device challenges included device & screen durability, security of licensed media content, continual re-distribution of clean, sanitary tablets and consistent charging and battery-life on longer haul flights.

FAA and industry expectations require elimination of any external speaker functions, all cameras, and GPS components. Alaska Airlines requested superior screen resolution and sound quality as delivered either through provided ear-buds, or high-end headphones often carried onboard by passengers.

Finally, since rented or provided tablets compete to a large degree with BYOD devices, Skycast required this customized superior performance to be delivered at the best possible value for users as a worthwhile investment in up-graded entertainment.


  • Seamless Wi-Fi access (where applicable onboard).
  • ‘One touch’ integration with onboard server streaming content.
  • Simultaneous multiple screen operation.
  • Sophisticated usage analytics reporting via Microsoft’s Azure Data Factory.
  • Privacy settings that ensure user sessions are cleared with every use.
  • Complex security configurations for content protection.

The Windows device features a high resolution 9” screen and runs on the Windows 10 IoT Enterprise operating system with a fast Intel® Atom™ processor.  The tablet is encased in a protective aluminum security shell that features an integrated stand.

TrayVu9 offers a wide array of entertainment offerings such as early-window movies, new releases, TV, music, digital magazines, and an “XBOX Game Center".


Skycast Solutions provides airlines with low-cost, high impact innovations to create a “tablet-friendly cabin.” Founded by Bill Boyer, and lead by airline veterans, Skycast develops cutting-edge solutions including protected tablets and functional accessories for increased cabin comfort and utility.

There is a race developing in the inflight entertainment industry.  On one side, passengers marching ahead in the personal technology and tablet revolution, on the other, airlines endeavoring to accommodate these personal devices, but offering an opportunity to enhance quality and convenience of viewing on multi-hour flights with limited media-streaming capacity on aircraft.



We are excited to get our new tablet in the air with Alaska Airlines,” said Bill Boyer, CEO of Skycast Solutions. “After a lot of hard work and investment into the product, we are thrilled to be able to offer another option for airlines looking for premium portable IFE.”