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Minno Rugged Tablets in Warehouses

Minno rugged Android and Windows tablets are ideal for forklifts, warehouses and logistics operation.

These days it seems like rugged tablets have become an essential tool in warehouses of all sizes for managing inventory, supply chains, maintenance and personnel. Minno is focused on providing technology and expertise to help companies realize efficiency gains in warehouse operations. The Minno product line is especially well suited for the full range of challenges in the warehouse environment.

Enterprise Tablets vs. Consumer 

Rugged enterprise tablets are designed and built to survive hard, industrial use, misuse, and harsh conditions. They can withstand drops, temperature extremes, dusty, and wet environments. Consumer tablets are fragile by comparison.  Consumer-level tablets have become gradually more durable, but they are still meant to be used as a personal device, primarily indoors.  Minno rugged tablets are designed to offer solutions for industry and challenging environments. You can mount them on lifts, trucks, or equipment. They can be hand-held or shoulder worn and can regularly be used outdoors. Rugged tablets allow workers unmatched reliability and mobility. Large sunlight-readable, scratch-resistant screens offer more display room than mobile phones. Minno ensures that their tablets provide the processing power and connectivity to run the latest mission-critical applications, and options like card readers, NFC, and bar code scanners provide warehouse teams constant access to real-time data and the ability to monitor all phases of the workflow.

Increased Safety

Anytime fast-moving equipment is in close contact with workers, safety becomes a top priority. Rugged tablets give warehouse workers a wide variety of tools to increase productivity without compromising safety. As an example, anytime a computer is installed on a forklift or truck, there are sightline and ergonomic issues to consider. Minno offers a variety of mounting solutions to help safeguard against operator distraction or visual obstruction. Warehouses using rugged tablets have reported reductions in accidents and safety-related issues.

Minno rugged Windows and Android tablets paired with their tablet mounts are ideal for warehouse operations


Warehouses can run around-the-clock, so the tablets selected need to be ultra-reliable to minimize costly downtime. Minno rugged tablets have long lasting hot swappable batteries that enable maximum productivity through long shifts, night and day. Our rugged tablets are rigorously tested to their respective IP and mil spec standards, certified to survive drops on hard flooring, water submergence and the temperature extremes of going in and out of cold storage. Minno stands behind the quality and durability of its tablets by independently testing units. Minno provides an excellent 18-month warranty that provides quick assessment and replacement from it’s US offices. They won’t ask you to send your tablet to Asia for repair.

Improved Communication

Large metal buildings and high racking create challenges for Wi-Fi. Warehouses are tricky Wi-Fi environments often requiring significant investment in infrastructure to get full coverage. It pays to test the connectivity performance of devices in the warehouse before purchasing them. Having a forklift or truck-mounted device that can maintain a Wi-Fi connection is more critical now than ever because your rugged device has to reliably provide real-time updates or changes to tasks and workflows. Minno tablets have reliable, high-performance Wi-Fi modules that maintain connectivity, usually without requiring external antennas and the related costs of installation and maintenance. Minno rugged tablets also offer Bluetooth, NFC, and cell network connections (3G,4G), making collaboration more interactive and available across entire worksites.

Minno rugged Android and Windows tablet help you stay connected to your operations and team.

The Power to Run Everything

Running a warehouse is the process of managing a myriad of moving parts. Having a platform that you can carry with you and stay in the flow of data and communication is invaluable. In the area of inventory management, a rugged tablet equipped with barcode and RFID reader lets you track replenishment and stay up-to-date on receiving, put-away, picking and shipping. By accessing your warehouse management system, a rugged tablet can also perform efficient cycle counts, manage stock, and track perishable goods. With a few quick keystrokes, you can locate an item without having to physically move to its location, saving valuable employee time.

Pairing rugged tablets with the latest asset management software allows you to keep track of your assets at all times. Through a Minno rugged, sunlight-readable touchscreen, employees, vendors and visitors can use a stylus to sign-in and sign-out equipment, verify users and time stamp transactions.  Using the built-in camera, a rugged tablet can also help employees track the physical condition of your tools, photograph and document damage to facilities and inventory, and avoid downtime. 

Whether at audit time, or an on-the-fly request for information from management, using rugged tablets allows floor personnel to log and track essential data more accurately and efficiently.  A worker on the warehouse floor with instant access to up-to-date data, eliminates having to go trek to the back office and minimizes duplication errors and inefficient lag time. 

It’s About ROI

With a Minno tablet solution, warehouse management can be confident that they have invested precious resources in a reliable, scalable, easy-to-support solution to maximize warehouse efficiency. A device that supports the agility of the entire enterprise including training, email and data acquisition and mobile communication.

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Minno stands for Mobile Innovation and Value

Minno is a privately held manufacturer of full-featured, high-performance rugged tablets (Android and Windows) and custom-designed or branded tablets for industry, education, and governments sold B2B in volume at prices well below retail brands. Minno rugged tablets are designed for high performance, durability, reliability, and versatility. Our tablets will change how your business operates and deliver value to customers by delivering productivity, efficiency, and business agility.