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The Benefits of Adding a Rugged Tablet to a Forklift

Moving and tracking materials and goods in a manufacturing or warehouse environment is key to efficiency and profitability. It’s no wonder more industries are outfitting forklifts with vehicle-mounted rugged tablets. 

With durable touch-screen rugged tablets at an operator’s fingertips, they can track inventory in real-time, be alerted to incoming shipments and scan RFID and barcodes to provide an accurate workflow record, and efficiently pick and pack outbound shipments.

In the earliest phases of digital transformation in warehousing, businesses tried to mount consumer-grade tablets on forklifts with “rugged cases.” The result, in most cases, was both expensive and disappointing. Constant vibration, extreme temperature conditions, dust, moisture, and sun glare in an industrial setting require purpose-built rugged tablets.

Minno rugged tablets are designed to be tough from the inside out. The components are solid state and rugged, the case is hardened and designed to suspend and protect the hardened touchscreen and protect ports and components. Minno devices have IP (Ingress Protection) ratings and meet Mil Standards for shocks, vibration, and drops, and are waterproof and dustproof.

One of the key considerations when choosing a rugged tablet for your business is power usage and battery life. Minno Windows and Android rugged tablets like the Intrepid W8Intrepid W10, and Maverick A10 have long-lasting lithium-ion batteries that are swappable, so there is no downtime or loss of data. 

Screen quality is another key consideration. Minno tablets give you a choice of 6″, 8”, or 10” sunlight-readable, scratch-resistant, hi-resolution screens and programmable buttons. 

Minno rugged Android and Windows tablets are ideal for forklifts, warehouses and logistics operation.

Minno doesn’t treat mounting systems as an afterthought. We offer mounting attachments that fully secure devices while allowing for a full field of view for safety and can be easily removed for handheld operations such as scanning or signature capture. 

One of the critical features of a rugged tablet for use on a forklift is connectivity.  Warehouse connectivity is often degraded by interference from metal racking and dead zones or because they are often in remote locations, making reliable connectivity a challenge. For operators relying on communication throughout their organization and real-time data from the cloud, maintaining reliable connectivity is imperative. Minno’s new generation rugged tablets, like the Intrepid 8Intrepid 10, and the Maverick A8 and A10, offer excellent state-of-the-art communication modules and multiple connectivity options. Minno tablets have reliable, high-performance Wi-Fi modules that usually eliminate the need for expensive external antennas. Minno tablets come standard with up-to-date Bluetooth, NFC, and cell network hardware, enabling reliable collaboration across worksites and entire networks.

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Minno is a privately held manufacturer of full-featured, high-performance rugged tablets (Android and Windows) and custom-designed or branded tablets for industry, education, and governments sold B2B in volume at prices well below retail brands. Minno rugged tablets are designed for high performance, durability, reliability, and versatility. Our tablets will change how your business operates and deliver value to customers by delivering productivity, efficiency, and business agility.