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Microsoft On Tablet For Inflight Entertainment

Skycast Solutions Announces Latest in Portable In-Flight Entertainment with the “TrayVu 9” – a 9-inch Tablet Geared for Premium Class

HAMBURG – April 2, 2017 – Skycast Solutions today announced the launch of its latest portable IFE tablet. The new tablet features a 9” screen and is designed with premium class distribution in mind. The Windows device features a high resolution 9” screen and runs on the Windows 10 IoT operating system with a fast Intel® Atom™ processor.  The tablet is encased in a protective security shell that features an innovative stand that includes a clip that can be used on folding meal trays to clear the entire tray – providing a better user experience for the premium class passenger. “We excited to get our new tablet in the air,” said Bill Boyer, CEO of Skycast Solutions. “After a lot of hard work and investment into the product, we are thrilled to be able to offer another option for airlines looking for premium portable IFE.” In addition to a wide array of entertainment offerings such as early-window movies, new releases, TV, music, digital magazines and an “XBOX Game Center,” the device includes robust capabilities including:

  • Seamless Wi-Fi access (where applicable)
  • ‘One touch’ integration with onboard server streaming content
  • Simultaneous multiple screen operation
  • Sophisticated usage analytics reporting via Microsoft’s Azure Data Factory
  • Privacy settings that ensure user sessions are cleared with every use
  • Complex security configurations for content protection

Skycast worked with partner Microsoft and custom tablet maker Minno on the new device.  Ratio – a leading multi-screen agency in Seattle was tapped again to develop the user friendly interface and configure the tablet for the particular requirements of inflight entertainment.  Like Skycast’s other tablet, it was designed to be easily updated in terms of content and software. “We are excited that Skycast chose our Windows 10 platform for their new and enhanced IFE tablet bringing innovation to the IFE market,” said Greg Jones, director of Hospitality and Travel solutions at Microsoft.  “This device represents the very latest in portable technology.”

About Skycast Solutions

Skycast Solutions was founded by Bill Boyer, inventor of the digEplayer. Boyer and a team of aviation veterans are the developers of the TrayVu™IFE offerings and has over 10,000 devices successfully flying today. Skycast is also the exclusive distributor of the TabCaddy™ tablet holder product line. Skycast Solutions is dedicated to provide airlines with low-cost/high impact innovations.  For more information visit www.skycastsolutions.com

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