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When a panel PC might be a better choice than a rugged tablet.

In addition to rugged tablets, Minno sells an excellent line of panel PCs for industry. What’s a Panel PC and how is it different from a tablet? We’re glad you asked! 

What are panel PCs?

A panel PC is a computer that combines a flat panel touch-screen display and a computing unit into a single, all-in-one mounted device designed for use in industrial environments.

Panel PCs are often used in applications such as machine control, process control, and automation, and they are rugged with fan-less designs enabling them to withstand harsh conditions such as vibration, dust, and extreme temperatures.

What are the differences between a panel PC and a rugged tablet?

Panel PCs differ from tablets because they are connected directly to a DC power source rather than relying on a battery. While rugged tablets are designed to perform in extreme temperature conditions, the capacity of batteries will diminish somewhat under very high and very low temperatures. In extreme heat – in a closed, parked car on a hot summer day, for instance – thermal runaway (an exothermic reaction) can destroy the battery and even ignite it. So, a panel PC may be a better alternative in extreme temperature conditions where DC power is available. 

What are the advantages of a panel PC over a rugged tablet?

There are several advantages that a panel PC may have over a rugged tablet, depending on the specific application and use case. Advantages include:

  1. Durability: Panel PCs are designed to withstand harsh industrial environments and are typically built with robust materials and construction. This makes them more durable than rugged tablets, which are designed to be portable and can withstand rough handling but are not as durable as panel PCs.
  2. Performance: Panel PCs can accommodate more powerful processors and larger storage capacity than rugged tablets, making them better suited for demanding industrial applications.
  3. Customization: Panel PCs can be customized to meet specific application requirements. They come standard with many input/output options and can be customized, if necessary, with serial ports or programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and integrated with additional hardware, such as cameras and sensors.
  4. Mounting: Because Panel PCs are mounted (on a wall or a machine) rather than carried, they can be securely mounted.
  5. Display: Panel PCs often have a larger display, making it easier to view data and control the device in industrial environments where visibility may be limited.

Rugged tablets have advantages such as portability, ease of use, and battery life, so the choice between a panel PC or a rugged tablet will depend on the application’s specific requirements.

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