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The advantage of industrial strength tablets 

Worth the investment – a protective case won’t cut it.

For many reasons, a truly rugged device is more expensive than a consumer tablet. Understandably, buyers are tempted to save money by purchasing a consumer tablet and a protective case. In a case, the tablet looks rugged. But a protective case, no matter how rugged it looks, provides limited protection. Replacing the consumer tablet will cost you more than if you had invested in a fully rugged tablet at the outset, not to mention the cost of work disruption or lost data. 

Fully rugged devices are specifically engineered and built to withstand harsh environments, extreme temperatures, drops, and rough handling in demanding work environments. Rugged cases add protection from water and limited protection from shocks, but a consumer device’s screen and internal components aren’t designed to withstand high temperatures, vibration, and impacts. 

Minno rugged tablets are more secure than normal consumer tablets

The Tablet Exterior

A rugged device is factory-sealed before testing. Fully rugged tablets have an IP rating that certifies that the tablet has been tested to prevent ingress (particles and liquid entering the device). Due to the case design and components, many rugged devices are entirely submersible and dustproof against even tiny particles. Few third-party protective cases provide adequate protection, and most sacrifice tablet performance for the protection they do provide. Cases that protect screens usually sacrifice touchscreen sensitivity and accuracy. Truly rugged tablets have hardened glass and a mounting system designed to prevent breakage. Rugged touch screens are also treated to perform better in wet and humid conditions.

Minno rugged tablets are more secure than normal consumer tablets

Solid State Components and a Strong, Protective Frame

Ingress of water and dust and bumpers to reduce shocks is only part of building a durable, industrial-strength tablet. The specifications of components and materials used on the inside are equally important. If you drop your tablet, the screen may not break, but the interior components can be dislodged and damaged. A rugged tablet will be built tough from the inside out. The components are selected with rough use, and harsh conditions in mind, and are protected by a specialized frame and secured to be able to take the beating. And it’s usually not the single drop that causes a tablet’s demise. Repeated vibration takes a toll on a consumer device, and there is nothing a protective case can do about it. 

In addition to rugged components, the components are protected by a strong, light interior frame. Genuinely rugged devices undergo rigorous vibration and shock testing to ensure they can handle shocks and vibration over long periods without causing damage. Rugged tablets are carefully designed to enable them to perform in extreme temperatures. A protective case does nothing to make a tablet more temperature resistant; it may reduce the temperature resistance by limiting the tablet’s ability to regulate temperature. A truly rugged tablet will be built to perform in high and low temperatures beyond the parameters that consumer devices are designed to withstand.

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