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Choosing the right screen size for your rugged tablet

When buying rugged tablets for your workforce, it’s essential to consider the screens and how they will be used. All Minno tablet screens are made with tempered, toughened glass to withstand drops and shocks. But other considerations affect usability, efficiency, and user satisfaction. 

Size Matters: The right screen size for the job

Employees generally prefer the smallest screen size that meets the viewability requirements for the job. If you plan to mount the device, choose one that won’t take up too much space and mount the device with comfort and safety in mind so that the operator has clear lines of sight for operating the vehicle.

If the tablet will be carried for prolonged amounts of time, weight becomes an important factor. Choose a device that is comfortable to carry throughout a shift. Minno rugged tablet accessories will improve both comfort and useability in the field. 

Consider the following when deciding on the right screen size for your industry: 

  1. Purpose: Are you primarily receiving information and inputting data through an app? If so, a smaller screen size is fine, and it will be easier to carry. A larger screen is more comfortable to work on if you plan to create work products like spreadsheets, review documents or drawings, or watch videos. 
  2. Portability: How often will you be carrying the tablet? If you need a portable device that you can carry comfortably, the lighter weight of a smaller screen and battery will be appreciated. If you plan to use the tablet mounted or in a stationary setting, a larger screen may be more useful and comfortable to use, and battery weight is less of a consideration. 
  3. Resolution/brightness: Brighter, higher resolution screens offer a clearer image, particularly when used in sunlight, but they require more power (which means a heavier battery or shorter battery life) and are typically more expensive. Consider the trade-off between viewability and battery life when choosing your screen size and brightness. Also, remember that a normal and high-resolution screen won’t look much different on an 8″ screen; but the difference will be significant on a larger screen. 
  4. Viewing distance: If you are viewing the tablet from a distance, a larger screen may be easier and more comfortable to view.

Work Environment Considerations 

Rugged tablets by Minno are equipped with sunlight-readable tablets.

Sunlight readable

If your devices will be used outdoors, look for a sunlight-readable display (minimum 500 nits). A brighter screen requires more energy, so the device will require a larger battery which increases cost and weight. Minno rugged tablets have swappable long-life batteries, allowing a good compromise for weight and operational life. 

If the rugged tablet will be mounted, the weight of the tablet is of little significance. For vehicle-mounted tablets, consider the viewing angle – the maximum angle at which a display can be viewed and easily seen. 

Minno Rugged Tablets provide waterproof tablets that can be used when wet making it perfect for work in harbors, marinas, and on boats.

Wet conditions 

Capacitive touch screens rely on the electrical charges stored in the touch screen’s coating to detect touch. When touched, a small charge at the point of contact determines the location of the touch. Capacitive touch screens are not affected by temperature, humidity, or light, which allows them to function consistently and accurately. 

Minno coats capacitive touch screen glass with a water-repellent surface to make it more resistant to water. This improves its performance in wet conditions.

Minno Rugged Tablets have ultra-responsive screens that make operating them with gloves a breeze.


Some materials do not allow a current to be applied to the screen, so – if the environment requires gloves – it’s crucial to test the material with your tablet’s screen to ensure compatibility. Alternatively, a capacitive stylus can be used when wearing gloves.

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