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The Benefits of a Mobile Tablet for your Field Services Team

The field service industry is rapidly adopting new technologies to create competitive advantages. And while implementing new systems might sound like an expensive and difficult task, that is no longer the case.

One of the drivers of this easier and more cost-effective capability is the ability to order custom tablets at a much lower cost. Various software and mobile apps are now available for enhancing your business operations. They help streamline business processes, improve communication, and connectivity, and boost your overall credibility and brand development.

Incorporating mobile technology is a necessity if you want your business to remain competitive in today’s market. While it might have been impossible to run a field business service remotely in the past, mobile devices such as tablets or smartphones now make this easily achievable.

Benefits of mobilizing your field service team include significantly reduced paperwork and travel time, improved customer satisfaction, improved billing and payroll, and much more.

Accessibility and Connectivity

Everyone on the team is better connected once you start using mobile apps. All your employees, including dispatchers, technicians, and service managers become accessible and are easier to contact at any given time. Giving your employees the tools to reach each other immediately brings the ability to be flexible to meet client needs, including last minute scheduling changes, improved location tracking and better customer service.

Better Service

Among other things, mobile technology enables you to update customer information quickly and efficiently. You no longer need to record customer history or notes via pen and paper, and most importantly – you will never lose any of them. Mobile technology enables your employees to make changes to customer information in real time. Digital storage and accessing documents allows you to escape endless searches for customer information on paper. With mobile technology, you will get speed, efficiency and accuracy.

Increased Revenue

With mobile tablets, even field service technicians can become your salespeople. Cross-selling/upselling opportunities emerge all the time and enabling your technicians to access information quickly leads to better sales of products and services.

Data Insight and Real-Time Information

Real-time visibility into all of your field operations is a critical success factor. Mobile applications can give you clear insight into everything that’s vital for your business to run smoothly, from technicians’ status and location to field assets and performance metrics.

Integrate data between the office and the field via modern systems, such as ERP or CRM, and use it across departments such as sales, engineering, or marketing.

Improved Billing and Payroll

Hand-written work logs and invoices typically need to be delivered back to the office so administrators can enter them. This is a significant waste of the technician’s time. With mobile entry, technicians instantly record their working hours, and capture customer signatures on a tablet. Mobile apps or cloud solutions eliminate manual labor, and speed payroll processing.

Employees have the ability to use real-time information and act more productively, and you as an owner or manager will gain clear insight into the big picture of your business. Visibility lets you make smart decisions and create successful strategies.

Providing tablets to your technicians and connecting your whole company has become standard. Contact us to learn more about the best solutions for your organization.

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