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Why Rugged Tablets are Better for Battery Life

More than ever, businesses rely on the power of tablets in the workplace for communication, access to critical real-time data, and useful apps. It’s only natural that the battery life that keeps these essential tools up and running would be an important consideration when equipping your workforce with the right tablets for the job.

Regarding battery life, rugged tablets offer significant advantages over consumer-grade tablets. Rugged tablets are typically equipped with more robust batteries and designed to better protect those batteries from the challenges of use in the workplace. One of the biggest drains on batteries is temperature extremes. A standard off-the-shelf tablet isn’t designed to operate in cold environments or sit in a hot vehicle. Exposure to hot temperatures can damage the battery or diminish its storage capacity.  

Minno Rugged Tablet hardware and cases are designed to perform under harsh conditions. They are hardened and insulated to withstand temperatures from -4° to 140°F. In addition to handling temperature extremes, Minno Rugged Tablets also protect against the ingress of dust and moisture that can damage the battery and other components. Minno Rugged Tablets are routinely tested to withstand shock and falls up to 6 feet. They are certified to rigorous IP and Mil-STD ratings. 

Beyond superior environmental protection, Minno Rugged Tablets also offer removable high-capacity Lithium Ion batteries to energize their devices for a full 8-hour+ shift. Since many work environments have continuous overlapping shifts, when batteries eventually run low, Minno batteries can be quickly and easily swapped with a fresh battery. It’s a power system that’s dependable — in the field, on the plant floor, on a construction site, or wherever your work takes you. 

While Minno tablets have a very high standard for battery life, the chemical limitations of Lithium Ion battery technology can cause damage to even the best-protected battery. So it’s important to be aware of best practices for battery longevity and tips on safely handling battery issues if they arise:

Always use the correct battery charger for your device!

Use the Correct Power Charger.

Use only quality charges from reliable manufacturers. If you do not have the original charger that came with your device, use a replacement charger with the exact same power output as the original charger. Just because a charger plugs into your device doesn’t mean it is electrically compatible. Use the chargers designed for your tablet and check that any substitute charger has the compatible voltage, amperage, and wattage.

Be Careful Where You Store Replacement Batteries.

Replacement batteries should be stored in a cool, dry environment to help ensure they are fully charged when needed. 

Replace Exhausted or Damaged Batteries.

Batteries have a life span, and they will slowly degrade in performance over time. When a battery is no longer holding a charge, or if it becomes damaged due to impact, it should be replaced immediately before a catastrophic failure occurs.

Learn how to recognize a swollen battery with the help of Minno tablet

Dealing With a Swollen Battery

If there is any indication that your device has a swollen battery, exercise caution. Any punctured battery is incredibly dangerous, but swollen batteries are vulnerable to compromise as their casing is already under stress from the accumulation of gases inside it. Until your battery is replaced, you shouldn’t connect your device to power or use it. Swollen batteries can explode if not properly dealt with, so deal with it as soon as possible. 

If your device has a user-removable battery, remove it carefully. Note that a swollen casing may make removal difficult. If the swollen battery is difficult to dislodge, use caution and consult a repair expert. If your device does not have a user-replaceable battery, don’t try to remove the battery yourself. Take the entire device to a repair professional.

If you can remove the swollen battery, place it in a safe, cool container so that it won’t be vulnerable to punctures. Don’t Discard the Battery in the TrashDisposing of a damaged battery in the trash can endanger sanitation workers who may come into contact with the battery. A leaking battery is also environmentally hazardous if it is in a landfill. Always dispose of batteries — swollen or not — at an authorized battery disposal facility. If you have difficulty identifying a facility, call Minno for help finding one.

Do not use water on a smoking, damaged, or on fire battery.

What to Do if Your Battery Starts Smoking

In rare cases, a swollen lithium-ion battery can smoke or even catch fireYou may also notice a “hissing” sound without seeing any visible signs of flames.

DO NOT use water to extinguish the battery, this can release excess hydrogen, making it even more volatile. Instead, submerge the battery in sand or kitty litter to extinguish the reaction or flames. A Class B fire extinguisher is also safe to use. 

If your battery starts smoking, it can release toxic gas into the air, so increase ventilation in the room by opening windows.

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