Minno Tablet offers an excellent warranty

The purchase of a rugged tablet is a significant investment, so the quality of a manufacturer’s warranty should be a key consideration of the purchase. 

It is estimated that up to 3% of devices in the industry arrive DOA (dead on arrival), and others arrive with significant defects like charging problems defective hard drives, or poor screen quality. Defects happen. But they happen more with some manufacturers than others.  More importantly, if you receive a defective device, how does the manufacturer fulfill the warranty?

The Devil is in the Details

Maintaining an inventory of high-end devices is expensive, so most  manufacturers rarely produce extra stock for warranty replacements. Typically, if you report a defect, you’ll be asked to prove the defect to the manufacturer’s satisfaction before they agree to accept a return.  If a defect is demonstrated, you’ll be asked to ship your device back in its original packaging (usually to China). Overseas shipping requires Customs paperwork and can cost $300; that’s assuming you can ship it at all. Since lithium ion batteries can catch fire if damaged, air freight requirements are strict, making tablets very difficult to ship overseas. 

If you do manage to jump through all the hoops detailed above, consider how long it will it take to receive the unit back. The reality is that a warranty from a foreign manufacturer isn’t going to protect you in any practical sense.

Minno Tablet replaced your whole tablet for its warranty policy

Will They Tinker with Parts or Replace the Whole Thing?

Some manufacturers will just replace parts on a defective computer. However, a device that has one bad part, may also have other problems that have yet to surface. 

Minno tablets are independently tested for quality assurance before being shipped to customers so the defect rate is extraordinarily low (well below 1%). But defects can happen. If you receive a device that is defective (material quality, component quality, or assembly) – Minno will immediately replace the device from its USA inventory. There is no time-wasting testing required of the customer and no troublesome, costly, overseas shipping either. Minno techs assess the returned device and can quickly send out a fresh new replacement so the customer downtime is kept to a minimum. The unique features of the Minno warranty help to make it one of the best in the rugged tablet industry.


Minno Tablet replaced your whole tablet for its warranty policy

More Reasons to Buy Minno Rugged Tablets:

  • Minno rugged tablets are high performance and built with care and tested to be defect free.
  • 1-year warranty covers every purchase and coverage is provided from one of Minno’s US locations and extended warranty is offered. 
  • Live, local support; no bots employed.
  • Affordable custom bulk orders. Minno will spec your tech to fit your project and brand it for you.

Minno makes every effort to ship products using recycled and biodegradable materials. Minno participates in e-recycling to prevent toxic and hazardous e-waste from entering landfills.