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ThermoTab is an automatic temperature scanning tablet and kiosk that monitors employees and visitors for elevated temperatures.


Automatic temperature and fever scanner thermometer with floor stand
Cloud Tool


Icon of temperature alarm for the ThermoTab

Automatically sends alerts on high-temperature readings.

Minno will replace your rugged tablet while yours is being fixed

Plugin ready with minimal assembly required

Icon of a person wearing a mask for the ThermoTab automatic temperature scanning kiosk

Option to require a face mask for entry

Set a custom welcome screen for the ThermoTab automatic temperature screener by Minno Tablet

Display a custom welcome screen for your business

Monitor multiple devices from the ThermoTab cloud service

Monitor multiple devices from a single point.

Icon for the ThermoTab Cloud Dashboard made by Minno LLC

Store and analyze entry and personnel data in real time for hassle free contact management.

Barcode Scanner Icon

Pair with an ID badge printer for added security

Connect your ThermoTab to your door access control system

Integrates with most access control systems

Fast & Reliable:

Touch-Free Thermometer

Quickly and accurately determine the temperature and mask compliance of incoming visitors in under 2 seconds.

Binocular Facial Recognition

Quickly identifies users wearing masks, hats, and glasses by interfacing with a facial database.
Near-range infrared detection and embedded visual facial recognition suit most indoor environments.


Accurate Screening & Alerts

Detects temperature using an AI algorithm that manages facial recognition, optimization & calibration of temperature data.
Accurate temperature measurement ±0.3° F in under 2 seconds
Non-contact rapid body temperature screening reduces the risk of cross-infection.


Standard API Interface

Supports LAN & WiFi connections.
Records temperature and generates reports.
Upload local data from the ThermoTab in real-time.
Optional Cloud database management

Recognition Distance:
● 1-2 feet

Face Angle:
● 30°(H)

● 30° (V)

Recognition and Temperature Acquisition Speed:
● Under 2 seconds. (20-25 persons / minute)

Audible & Visual Alerts:

● Temperature Reading (+ Alert if over pre-set temp threshold)
● Prompt to “Please wear a mask.” (optional)

Door Access Control:

● Option to include access control override
with facial recognition or temperature alert (extra feature)

Data Records:
Photo / Name / Time / Temperature / Location

Face Daabase:

30,000 (Expandable)

Working Temperature:

14­­­°F – 131°F   /   -10°C – 55°C

Working Humidity:

10-90% RH, Non-Condensing

Power Consumption:

< 16 Watts

Extension (optional):

Connect to Cloud Database

Add badge printer functionality

Model #: 



8 Inch LCD, 800*1280 @60Hz


Resolution- 1080 x 1920 / 1080 x 1920
(Single Lens)


CPU – Rockchip 3288(Quad core Cortex)1.8 GHz
Memory – 2GB RAM
Storage – 8 GB (16 GB) ROM
External – SD Card (up to 64 GB)
Operating System – Android 7.1




● Power – DC 12V (External & built-in)
LAN – RJ45, WiFi
Optional Connections – 1 x TTL /
● 1 x RS 485 / 2 x Wiegand/ 1 x RS232/
● 1 x USB


●  Aluminum Alloy Case, Tempered Glass Panel


● 9.96 inches tall x 5.47 inches wide x 1 inch
● Weight: 1.98 lbs

ThermoTab Cloud Tool

Smart & Scaleable

Hassle-free online storage and monitoring at your fingertips.

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